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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

Originally Posted by camlifter View Post
wait till the cap and trade bill becomes law. $20 might seem cheap then.
Hmmm. Wonder if *THAT* could have been where the "$20 a gallon" story came from.
I've heard that my electric bill will go up to $4,000 a month under "cap and trade".
But this comes from the same think-tanks that tell me HMO's give you GREAT healthcare value, too.

The only people I've ever met who think rising energy prices are good are those who hate humanity or live in their mom's basements and have no idea what she pays to keep their playstation going.

Anyway, with a 120+ MPG Mo-Bi in the stable, we're better equipped than most to handle whatever comes at us, right, guys and gals?
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