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Default Re: Outlaw biker, Bikeguy Joe!

Bikeguy Joe
WELCOME. We are both form another site as you can see. I tried to get all my stuff deleted there as well but couldn't. But being a Dumby I volunteered to be a helper on the other site to try and prevent some of the frustration that goes on for the newbies and because it was hard to walk away form the information that to me was important even when they moved my posts and screwed them up etc. I don't hold any grudges there and I plan on making friends here and willing to help out if I can. Plus for me using these sites helps me learn the computer much more better. Howed you like those lines?
A little southern mountain coming out on the language there. No offence intended to anyone I get a kick out of some of the things I hear form people that live and speak a little different it rubs off on me.
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