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Default Re: got my first chinese 50cc kit - need advice

Originally Posted by Finfan View Post
I've heard of people who adjusted the chain close enough using half links to do away with the tensioner. I am still looking for a good replacement. That part worries me to!

You should be able to find a pull start on ebay or from one of the dealers that advertise here. I've never seen a kick start for the Chinese engines.

The kill switch is a momentary closed type switch. You can either wire it between the two wires that run from the engine to the CDI or else from the white wire to ground. Usually it is best to attach it directly to the engine case for ground. Either way when you hit the switch it kills the spark.

Good Luck!
As for a kick start, you already have one. I think this has to be easier on your engine's mounting studs, chain, clutch and your legs from not peddling your butt off to start it. It also looks cooler as you start it. What you do is bring your crank arm on the left side (same side clutch handle is on) up to the 10 a clock position, release clutch, lift rear tire off the ground a few inchs by lifting bike by the back of the seat and kick start it , as soon as it starts disengage clutch and sit bike back on the the ground. Mine starts first time every time this way.
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