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Default Re: Where to find lead sheets cheap

Bikeguy Joe,
Yeah I think back to my stained glass shop days and how careless I was about the lead. Sometimes I soldered for hours in an unventilated workspace, would have a smoke or eat a sandwich without taking the time to wash my hands. Stupid. Back in 1995 I was hit by lightning through a telephone, frying the front lobe of my brain. Traumatic brain injury resulted and a few years later developed Guillane Barre Syndrome (like polio) leaving me crippled for a few years and also leading me to motorized bikes. I'm still screwed up but can walk again and know my name (but not my phone number). I'm lucky to be alive and don't take that lightly. I try to be more respectful to my old body now (65) and am thankful for a strong constitution to begin with. Some are not so lucky and are more sensitive to insults to the nervous system such as that posed by lead. If you ate the stuff as a child, you're lucky, too. Some kids are not so fortunate, eating old pealing house paint and having brain injury as a result. Anyway, it's good to be cautious.
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