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Default Re: Leaky gas cap

I bought these tanks from That's Dax as an alternative to the tear drop tanks. They use the same caps. Also the bike I put together for a friend had a tear drop tank with the same cheap cap. I suspect it is the same cap as on many of the chinese engines. It is the cap which is leaking and doesn't really matter which style tank is used. I was hoping that a different gasket or an O ring or something would solve the problem of leaking in the stock caps. Others must also experience this or is it just me? One difference in tank shape is that the rectangular one which fits behind the seat is a lower profile so that the fuel is closer to the cap. But if the cap seals the gas in then it shouldn't matter. As I said in the prior post, I once had a cap from an old Honda moped which fit the stock chinese tanks and it did not leak at all. Thanks,
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