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Default Schwinn Landmark 1st. rig

Hi, newbe here, I bought a near new Schwinn Landmark at a swap meet for $50 and then it got started.
I put a 49cc 2 stroke on it from BikeBerry and away I go.
Whats funny I think is a couple of buddys saw me buy the stock Landmark at the swap meet and ask me if I bought it from Pee Wee Herman. I did'nt say anything back to them and NOW I have the engine on it they want to BUY IT from me now. I told them to go check wth Pee Wee Herman.
Checking the forum I'm going a little sideways, it just won't run right unless I put 40 to 1 mix in it, and after I bent the rear wheel with that bad idea of a chain tensioner I chucked it away and went with a straight chain to the sprocket it took a little doing but it works great and no more bent wheels. Somebody tell me how to resize my pics from 2816 x 2120 to 1300 x 1000 and I will show a pic.
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