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Default Re: Stolen Worksman Puerto Rico


I've actually been worried about you the last couple days, hoping you haven't gotten into a scrape, or worse, with the thieves. I think you're making sensible decisions, and putting this in perspective, which helps manage the impact of the experience on your psyche, I'm sure.

I hope the police get somewhere with their investigation, but that'll happen or it won't -- has nothing to do with you now. No control over that process, so don't wait on that situation to gain any feeling of... I don't know...justice? Resolution?

Just out, move on, build a new bike when you can. Did you have insurance for any of your stuff? Household insurance/renters insurance?

Hey, if you're in a pinch for a new laptop, you might consider a "hackintosh", using a much cheaper pc machine with an Apple OS installed on it. My son did this, for fun, and it apparently works pretty well.


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