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Default Re: Hello from North Alabama

I don't think you can mess up more than me but if you do i'm sure they will overlook it. Now if you just want to ride and smooth out the hills, I would go electric with a friction drive. Really cheap and you really can build it yourself in a couple of hours once you assemble the parts. The downside is you will have to pedal more and the range is about three to five miles on reasonably priced batteries. Also they are the devil on tires wear them out pretty quick so if you plan to do a lot of riding hub or gas is the way to go. Gas is best for range for sure.

Upside is you can take them on the bike trails which are a lot more fun to ride than the city streets. The bike requires very little modification. I built my first one for well under fifty bucks plus batteries.

Good luck which ever way you go there are lots of folks here who can help ask all the questions you can think of. These guys have answered specific questions for me and that is a big big help.
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