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Angry Couple of problems with my bike/Need help solving them

I just built my first bike and I loved it at first but the more I ride it the more I hate it and I havent even finished breaking in the engine. So I was hoping that I could post here and find a fix for my problems.

My main problem is all the nuts keep coming loose after a short ride (30 minute ride tops). I have tried
blue loctite,lock washers and double nuts on the bolts and nothing is working. After every ride they are all loose from the muffler to the engine.

2nd problem is my light. I bought 1 of thoose stick N click lights that runs off of 3 AA batteries and when I turn the light on my engine dies. I wired the white wire to the positive and grounded it to the frame, the light works if I stay peddeling but when I stop the motor dies.

So does anyone got some tips about the nuts coming loose and a fix to keep my light from killing the engine???

Thanks, G4B....
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