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Default Re: Well im new to this world and i need tips

im 15 live in pasedena maryland and i mow lawns. one day i was thinking of riding bikes and mowing lawns at the same time so i had this idea a weedwacker powered bike. i love riding bikes and since i have 2 i thought why not. i looked on the expansive WORLD WIDE WEB (oh such drama) to see if anyone else has thought of this idea woe and behold i found thousandsof people interested in cheap speed. i thought of this for 2 reasons 1 cheap speed and 2 they raised the drivers age in maryland and i ironicaly got a car one year in advance luckaly the car was free.( a 1984 chevy monte carlo) i would show a pic but it needs a bit of bodywork first since i cant get a liscense till 17(it was 16) i have three years to get the car started and to make it look nice.(wait werent we talking about bikes) ah yes see well i need to get around and go places so i want to get a motorized bike so if and when i get a job i dont have to take long to get there and i dont already want to be sweaty by the time i get there. that said and done if you want more questions please ask generously.
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