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Default Re: Have I blown up my motor?

I agree with Joe..

Itll foul the plug and it will also ruin the engine with excessive deposits.

I start at 18:1 for the first 2 tanks at less than 20km/hr (letting engine cool a bit after 1/2 hour of riding), then use 20:1 for the next 4 tanks keeping the speed less than 25km/hr and taking breaks after 1 hour of riding.

After that I can safely use 25:1 but dont go faster than 25km/hr until I have burned about 10 tanks in total.

oh also, make sure that you use a lower ratio like 20:1 on warm days when summer comes around .. we know how hot it gets down here in Oz!

"....dunno what I did to my engine the other day but now my rear tyre wears out real quickly..."

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