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Default Re: Single speed or multi-speed bike

Originally Posted by ut1205 View Post
I'm getting ready to make the "plunge". Going to go out tomorrow and look for a used bike. I live in hilly country. Do you recommend a single speed bike or multi-speed if used with a 66 cc engine? You can't "pull" these hills with a single speed bike and it is a real effort to do so with my 7 speed.
No contest. Multi-speed is obvious choice and if you decide later you don't like it for some bizzare reason just remove the derailleur.

I started out with electric and determined they were almost useless for my purpose in terms of hills and range. Nice and quiet though. Nothing beats a gas engine for getting from one place to another with minimum fuss and maximum speed.

You can get very good bikes at Walmart and Target for under $100 (free shipping/pickup). I wouldn't stick my nose up at rusty frames though. Only takes a little elbow grease and maybe $5-$10 in parts to fix them up.
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