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Default Re: My impressions after 1st long ride

Yes- there are things you can do- I've done some, but not all yet- and it gets better all the time-
I just posted some thumbnails on the "My second build" thread of my bike-

Firstly, when I built it I put on a suspension seat post, BESIDES the sprung cruiser saddle- I got a steel one, 1 inch cruiser diameter,less than $20 shipped on ebay- search "bicycle suspension seat post" there, and "bicycle suspension fork".

Check your diameters (25.4 mm equals 1 inch, 7/8" is 2.22 mm) I saw an alloy suspension seat pillar, with the built in clamp on top, a couple weeks back in a bike shop for $30. The suspension fork I got was about $60 shipped. I have two new ones that I got first- a 1" with a 120 mm lonng steer, and a 1'1/8" steer, 8 inches I'd like to sell if you think they might fit yours- they would be much cheaper-

read the "second build thread" in general discussion section here-

I also ALWAYS wear padded cycling gloves, after 14 season of USCF racing in younger days-

recommend foam cruiser grips on bar ends, and pipe insulation foam motor mounts, to cut frame/motor vibration- haven't done this yet myself, and there may be clearance issues- DOUBLE UP the lockdown bolts on the motor mounts.

Dual brake lever is ESSENTIAL on bikes with only handbrakes- makes things much safer! I got mine at Sickbikeparts I think- about $15 shipped.

I was really surprised when I went to narrower tires- non-knobby- and how much vibration that cut down- biggest factor to date-

Mirrors should be on long stems- I put one on cruiser bars and it wasn't long enough- since then I've put some 9 inch rise BMX bars, and may reinstall the mirror when I get back in traffic.

So anyway between the seat post, front fork suspension and smooth tires, there is much less annoying vibration now- also a smaller rear sprocket (I have a 36 now) keeps the motor revs down at the same cruising speed

good luck
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