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alright, i here what your saying. I would LOVE to beable to change gears, but iv just had these wheels built and not willing to tear it appart again, nor spend 350.00 buck to have that setup as of now. That being said, later on this summer, I will be building a bike that i would really love. I am planning on this being my main ways of transportation. From what iv have seen, alot of bikes on here are cheaper bikes (mostly being steel frames and are in the sub 400 price range). These bikes are typically heavy so I am alsothinking that my very light aluminum frame should help in the speed department. My bike in total weighs 26 pounds with my light wheels on and 28 with my heavy duty wheels on, so sounds like the 36t would make me quite happy, considering you can hit 40mph on a 44t, the 36t should have me going 45 id think
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