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Default Re: Does this magneto look burt out?

Originally Posted by MarcPhotoMan View Post
Last week on my way to work my bike stalled out very suddenly,
It was running great for a while any way does my magneto look like the problem?
The coil looks normal. It's impossible to burn out the coil under normal use. You would have to intentionally apply a sufficient voltage/current to the coil in order to ruin it...plugging it into an A/C outlet would do it!

I assume you have checked for a spark at the plug, which led you to examine the MAG.

I would check the connections between the MAG and the CDI. The factory bullet connectors should really be replaced with those offered at Radio Shack, or an auto/marine parts store.

The first two I put together went along fine for a few hours, and then the connectors separated resulting in no spark.

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