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Default Re: Creative Engineering Clutch Actuator Help

Originally Posted by yodabob View Post
Removed everything from your clutch actuator through the engine to the gear/ clutch assembly out and apart. Everything was in great shape after 400 miles. But what I did find is that the cam on your actuator had a metal pushed wear that brought the cam size down .005. Repacked and assembled, tested and it was still acting up. Replaced the cam with another I had gotten from you. Itís a must to have important parts around. Tested for forty miles today trouble free. When I get a chance I want to get a hold of you to see if you can sell me just the cam pieces. Also to see if your interested to see the piece after that many mile if you havenít already. I know the mile donít mean much but I can tell you it gone through a lot of clutching. I just love the actuator your producing.
Yodabob legal in PA
YouTube - motorized bike street legal in PA

I had a lot of problems with the heat treat outfit here in Tampa. Some of the Cams were so brittle that the threaded end would snap off, others were not hard enough and the eccentric that pushes the pin would wear.

Send me an email, and I'll send you another charge.

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