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Default Heavy Duty Rims & Oil to Gas Ratio

I ran across a link to bikeworldusa in an old post here and the heavy duty 26' by 2.125 rims look like a great deal, so whoever posted that, thanks. Less than sixty bucks for the pair... rear is a coaster brake and front is a front brake wheel... whatever that means. I haven't been able tp place an order or send an email for some reason, so can't clarify what kind of brakes they are. Has anyone here bought these andused them with a 2 cycle kit utilizing gear plate which affixes to the wheel spokes? Is the rear hub/brake Bendix? I have used bendix wheels on my two bikes with no problems mounting the kits, but had trouble trying to use a shimano coaster brake... the brake arm ran into the drive sprocket bolts. Also, does that front wheel really have a brake? Is it a drum brake? Perfect, if so. What a deal!

As a newbie it is hard to contribute to a thread, so this is regarding the oil/gas mix ration. From day one on both my engines I used Amsoil sabre professional at a 50-1 mix with no problems ever. The old motor has hundreds of miles on it and still runs smoothly with power. By what I've read here I'm running a much leaner mix, but so far so good.

Also a thank you to all of you who help out the new people getting started. I've been doing this awhile now, but already I've picked up some good tips and appreciate the cumulative knowledge freely shared. Nice group.
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