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Originally Posted by The Newbie! View Post
I* agree on the looks of the ruggedness n durability, but the specs must be right! If it's safe to say the weekest point would be that which breaks 1st, I can tell ya, it's where the rear tire cage is welded to the main frame! 1st it was the weld on the bottom part of the cage, right side. broke all the way around the tube n then ventured off into the planev which faces the tire! Then the same thing happened on top, on the left side! So the next time yer eye ballin 1, look at where the rear tire cage is welded to the frame n you will be looking at the weakest point, assuming of course that the weakest point being that which fails first. However, if ya wanna build the bikes for the big guys, reinforce that area or do the soft tail conversion. Obviously, done right the soft tail solution will hold up the best, makes it a much softer ride as well! However, I don't believe anybody has yet to put a kit together for a soft tail OCC, so you will hafta get creative, and unless yer a math whiz and know the formulas for the angles, and the spring compression ratios, there will be trial and error! I will give you a hint though, I tried to reinvent the wheel,* and I don't have the slightest clue as to the formulas, but after 2 different theories failed, I was scratchin my head thinkin hmmmm??? Then I looked over at my full suspension mountain bike.......hadn't tried that yet! But sure enough, 3rd time is a charm!
* You know if you go with rear suspension you are going to have to figure something out for a really well built spring chain tensioner.* Otherwise you will never keep the right tension on the drive chain. It will not stay on.* John
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