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here is why a woman would want one of these toys...

The small bike with the even smaller engine pulled from the drive of the million dollar home. Now in California or New York that might not mean much, but in the deep south a million dollar house is still a big deal. The little motorized bike looked way out of place in that neighborhood, let alone that particular drive.

You see the Edwards couple didn't have any kids. So the small bike with the motor didn't belong to a child but an adult. It actually belonged to Mrs. Edwards.

The bike was loud enough that everyone in the neighborhood knew when she was out for a ride. Not just the neighbors and all their servants, but also every dog within a mile seemed to object the moment she disengaged the clutch. It was at that point that the tiny engine roared, if one can call the sound made by so small an engine a roar.

Lest you think Mrs Edwards was one of those young brides let me assure you she was a full grown woman. Maybe even a few years past full grown. Alright Mrs Edwards was slipping into the dark side of middle age. Nonetheless when she rode the bike by, with her blonde hair blowing beneath the pink bike helmet, all the men young and old turned to look. Which most likely is why Mrs. Edwards rode the bike.
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