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Default Re: Ol Bluecouple coats of nice deep blue

Originally Posted by GraingerDoodTim View Post
ya know i dont really mind the work. So far this is the 3rd life of this bike. I built it like a stock kulana moon dog with moon shaped hanlebars. Rode it like that for quite a while, but realised that everyone that makes a bike out of the kulana, or schwinn jaguir or that one huffy, all look exactly the same. So for the 2nd look I pulled all the paint off, thinking that would be the hottest look. Picturing shiny metal gleaming in the sun. Not rusty metal rusting on my patio. So The 3rd time I ripped it all apart everything down to the naked frame and then painted it. I like this version much better and it at least looks a little unique. So thats where i got the six month estimate. But it runs better now than it ever did and I love it..
Well you did a good job, glad you have a working bike, mine is still in the slow process of being built
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