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Default My impressions after 1st long ride

Took my motor bike (1st build) out for a spin today. Drove about 4 miles on gravel roads. Heres what I'm thinking about the experience.

The ride was very rough. Peddling a bike on hard gravel road is bumpy enough, but tolerable because you go at a speed which allows you to avoid the bigger bumps. On a motorized bike this isn't so much of a luxury. You hit nearly every bump. An extremely rough ride. I suddenly see the desire for a bike with suspension, which I never did before.

The bike vibrates enough that at the end of 4 miles my butt was tingling a little. The vibration is felt in the butt and in the hands. I see why so many posters are obsessed with vibration dampening. Its a big deal.

The posture suddenly seems more important. I don't normally mind riding with my body tilting a little toward the front. But when going that fast and hitting 4 times as many bumps as when peddling, your weight being shifted to your hands and hand grips that are made out of hard plastic, I see that I need to get in a more upright postion. My handle bar needs to be raised about 4 inches at least.

My hand levers need to be moved (See attached photo). My rear brake lever is on the left side along with my clutch lever. The clutch lever is pointing directly frontward. My rear brake lever is positioned below the clutch. The cluth is fine but the brake is difficult to get to. I think I will move it to the right side and put the front brake on the left since it is used much less.

I need a mirror. I was riding on a desolate country road. Luckily I was staying on the edge and not swerving. I pickup passed me. I didn't know he was there until he came up alongside me. He was going slow and watching me and waved as he went by, but on another day it might not have been such a harmless event.

Anyway, I had a fun time but I can not see going much farther then that until I lessen the vibration and extend the handlebars.

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