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Cool I caught a bug!

So I had this OCC Stingray sittin around that never got ridden, and then a buddy of mine showed me this engine kit that he had put on his mountain bike, n the rest is history! I'm hooked! I guess you could say I'm on my 2nd build, with the same bike, n now it's something different all together! The reason I say second build is cuz at first I just ordered the kit n put it on the OCC. I rode it for a bit, basically the break in period +, n it wasn't long b4 I was looking at 2 different crax in the frame, where the rear wheel cage attach to the main part of the frame. I'm 6' 225lbs, n I guess that the OCC bikes weren't exactly meant for what I have put it thru, with an engine n my fat @#* n all. I didn't abuse it or anything, it just seemed to be a lil too much stress for it! The thoughts of welding up the crax crosed my mind, but I figured it would just continue to break in different spots unless I could do something to take some of the stress off the frame. Somebody suggested I turn it into a soft tail, n I thought hmmmmmm? It was then that I was turned onto this site. I've done alota research here, n wanna give props to the dude that inspired what I created, Brett Mavrik. I found his Orange Coast Chopper build, which became a contstant reference! I think that he spent a lil more time and money on his ride and it shows, but I loved all of his ideas, n used alot of em to fuel mine which will be quite evident when you see my ride, ifyou are familiar with his. I've posted a few comments on here, lemme see if they'll lemme post some pictures of what I dubbed "The Ratt Turd"!
Part 2 of this build really, My buddy with the mountain bike that infected me with this new hobby told me when my bike started to crack, not to go n start polishin a turd, get something else n start over, I refused due to the fact that I was really diggin on the chopper thing, n decided to give it the same type of rat rod theme as the Mavrik did hence the name, Ratt Turd! Ok so this is a test, and these are a few of the many pictures I've taken since I got OCD on this OCC! I will post a thread of the entire build when I have more time, as for now it still isn't finished, as I keep trying different things! Trying to hit the 40mph mark, n so far I've reached 33.4mph!
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