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Default Pull start engine

In regard to the jack shift setups and difficulties in bump starting the engines...
It would seem to me that it might simplify starting if you had a pull start option on the motor. I don't have the jack shaft setup, but did recently buy an 80cc dual start motor for an additional bike. My other one is just the bump start. I find that I really like the pull start... I start it up and shut off the choke, let it run a bit to warm up and pedal away, letting out the clutch as I give it gas. None of this fumbling around as I go, trying to shut off the choke as I ride or on a cold morning leaving it open part way for a bit. The temptation is to look away from the road at the engine while fiddling, so for me at least it is a safer setup. It is also nice when you find yourself at the dip in a hill and have to pedal or walk the bike uphill to bump start it. So I like it. I did not like the hassles involved due to the wider engine and conflicts with the pedal crank. I had to raise my engine up above the arc of the pedal to get it installed on a 63 Schwinn American. But now that it is installed it is a sweet, hassle free ride.
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