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Ok, I'm a real "Johnny-come-lately" on this thread, but I've just checked into this meter (from 2 different sources) for my 66cc 2-cycle "Jet" kit and find that its' update time is a whopping 2 seconds! Seems waaay too slow. Small diameter tachs are available for the Harleys for under $40 on eBay...2 cyl., 4 cycle = 1 cylinder 2-cycle?...right? I just don't know what the pickup method is..?...probably not Hall Effect or inductive, the (only?) 2 types that might work with the 2-strokes...? The Whizzer now has an accessory, std. on their "Ambassador" model, # WK-400NE Hall Effect tach kit for $71.75, but that's a 4-cycle (also 12 volt), so no-go on a 2-stroke. Anyone have any luck with the Harley item?
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