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Default Re: Creative Engineering Clutch Actuator Help

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
You do need to take the time to dial it in with the CE clutch kit and that involves grinding the pin. That said, the CE clutch has a very narrow margin of cam action. One easy fix is to drill a new hole closer in on the arm. (more than a few have done this but didn't tell Jim). It makes the throw longer for the amount of cable action. It also increases the amount of pull force a little bit.

The cam "action" is actually .100". The rod was machined eccentric .100" +/- .005". Of course the range of motion, (the travel of the arm), does not allow for .100" travel of the pin, but it does allow .030", which is plenty.

It is important that the instructions are followed to the letter...I know it's boring to read instructions. I don't like reading instructions either, but as they say: when all else fails..."Read the instructions".

I have installed nearly 30 of them here at the shop. There has not been a need to modify the product or I would have already done so, and sent everyone the modified version based on the fact that I had found a design flaw.

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