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Default Re: Creative Engineering Clutch Actuator Help

Originally Posted by yodabob View Post
Iíve been using a creative engineering clutch conversion for a long time with no problem. Now after 400 miles all of a sudden I have to adjust the clutch so lose that I have a hard time getting it to grab to start the motor. Because after ten miles and heated up then it grabs so good that if the clutch is tighter it wonít release then. Iíve machine different release pins by the thousands and put different locking screw holes on the clutch plate so the nut can be turn by half a hole distance and still canít find a happy medium and it seems to getting worse. Any buddy got a clue?
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Remove the actuator...remove the pin...remove the ball bearing if you can...using a grease gun pump 4-6 shots into the hole that pin goes in. Hold the nozzle square and firm to the countershaft so that the grease goes in. It is not necessary to remove the ball in order for the grease to pass through to the sliding parts that need grease, but it would be a good idea to remove it for a visual check just in-case it's busted-up.

Remove the CAM from the actuator to see if there is a lot of wear on the eccentric, (the surface that pushes against the pin).

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