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Default Re: MrLarkins Upgrades

Yes the chain tensioner is the all thread piece. Your chain is not stretching, your engine is settling which is discussed in manual. I also noticed your lower rear clamp is loose. Looking at your photos I would suggest a half link but doing as Pablo suggested loosening the mounts and retensioning the chain would be your first option. I set mine up "super" tight and it will loosen as the engine settles.

The jump stop alignment and adjusting is also covered in the manual. Looking at the photos it appears that your is too high. Lower it a bit and then adjust it so it is almost touching the chain.

Also noticed that the header assembly is not correct. It will work as is but doing it per the instructions may help with alignment and clearance. The straight tube is supposed to go between the manifold and the 45 degree fitting and then the 45 degree fitting goes into the j pipe.
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