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Default Creative Engineering Clutch Actuator Help

Hey, First, the clutch actuator Jim has is really nice. Now I am having a problem with installing it. I have to use the small pin provided in order to get the piece flush with the engine. Now I have tried adjusting Both the Clutch Plate, and the clutch cable. No matter what I do, it seams I cannot get enough pull with my clutch lever. Either I have it so the engine starts, and when I pull the lever is does not disengage. Or I have it so that the clutch disengages, but will not start the engine, and if it starts, it slips like crazy.

The Large pin is much to long, and the stock pin allows for full movement of the clutch lever arm. I am stuck and have had to go back to stock clutch. I have been through 3 cables in 2 months, so opted for jims nice actuator.

What am I missing?
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