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Default Re: acme motor bikes new bike

Yes I have but only on a motorcycle with a similar springer. If you look the stock harley springers and that monark springer you'll see the moment arm the wheel attaches to is very short. Newer long springers at least good quality ones have a shock built into them. What happens is if you ride into a corner hard enough for the centrifical weight to compress the suspension. With out the dampening the springer will collaspe down then spring back up, down again, then back up. Each time it will pogo the front wheel a few inches to the outside of the curve. A bike may not have enough weight to do this. The first time it happened to me was at about 60mph in a 35mph corner. Fortunately I ran out of corner before it pogo'd me off the road. The same thing nearly killed a friend of mine it put him into a guard rail. Your seat is back far enough that most of your weight is on the rear tire. Bicycle tires may not hold the road enough for it to happen anyway. They may slide out from under you before you can get enough weight on them for it too happen. But it is very real, I had to pry my seatcover out of my cheeks the first time it happened to me. If you ever do have it happen with the brake mounted like that you can apply the brake and force it to stop. That's why I asked if the front end when up or down when you hit the brake.
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