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Default Re: Working on Frames Question

Originally Posted by Tabogon View Post
I actually might revert back to mig welding. I have to double check, but I don't think gas welding is permitted in military housing.

I would ask about welding in general before buying anything. I've talked to a few people who had access to equipment and shop space on base. I assume you have already checked into this.

As a matter of coincidence I fired up the torch today to save one of my sprocket adapters.

I was rigid tapping the parts, and one of them had a shallow hole. The tap bottomed out and snapped flush with the part. Taps are hardened, and they usually shatter leaving a jagged end that is impossible to grab.

I was able to heat up the tap and drop a little bit of brass ontop...the brass won't stick to the Aluminum. While it was hot, I used needle nose pliers to position a 1/4" bolt over the broken tap. Once the bolt was cherry red the brass wicked up the threads and the two pieces were bonded.

The broken tap came out with ease.

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