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Default Re: acme motor bikes new bike

Have you actually experienced this phenomena , Junster....?

Because I haven't with this set up. If you take notice, my springer front end has 4 springs;
2 springs that oppose 2 springs. These springs are all matched to each other,
and are always counteracting on each other. There is no "pogo" action.....
only a return movement. The opposing springs are always there,
pushing the wall between them back to the neutral point.
2 spring units are unable to do this, unless they are set up
over-under and oppose each other as well.

Oh yeah, and just like a disc braked mountain bike suspension fork, there is a little dive upon braking.
I rip this bike through turns and slam on the brakes hard. It's really not enough to bother me in any way.

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
Brett is there dampening in that springer? Cause if you go thru a corner hard enough to compress those springs you going to see some serious pogo if there isn't. With the disk caliper mounted there does it raise when you apply the front brake? Very cool looking chopper. Camlifter just like everyone else said really great looking tank.
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