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Corporations and corporate foundations fund think tanks which formulate policies which will be favorable to business. Corporate attorneys draft legislation which will make those policies the law of the land, corporate political action committees pay for the election campaigns of the politicians who ensure that such legislation becomes law, and lobbyists make sure the politicians stay bought. Corporate executives are appointed to lead the regulatory agencies which enforce (or dismantle) the laws that aren't favorable to business. National and multilateral trade and development agencies design and subsidize an international trading system dominated by the largest corporations. Governments and banks use public monies to subsidize and insure corporate investment. In short it doesn't matter how legit we try to do this, except in the most rare of cases they are going to outlaw it everywhere... Why? you ask, because beleive it or not they have already felt these MB's hit them in the pocketbook. I used to spend, hundreds of dollars in a month, just to go see natures beauty and getting around (mind you it went into my girls car because I'm suspended) but now the car is only used to get to the grocery store and to do family stuff. I literally have spent a hundred dollars less per month. It may not seem like a lot, but it's not just me or you there is 10,000 of us here. How painful would that be to Big oil if we all spent $100 dollars less per month?
$12,000,000. In a year, may not sound like a huge number in the grand scheme of things, but bet your a** it is pissing the corporate and political ****** right off.

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