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hi all,

another aussie from sydney joining the ranks. i've started to see these things everywhere and lots of my friends now have one. i think i might be one of the last to actually get one.

i installed my engine just this week and i'm on my first tank. i'm surprised how slow it is while breaking it in. it can barely get to 30km/h (is that normal?) on flat roads and feels like it's suffocating at WOT. after the first couple of runs i checked the plug and opened the head. it was running a bit rich so i went up a notch on the needle. i only had a 10 min run but it seems to have improved a bit. plug looks good now with a clean gray colour. hard to tell if it's right after only 10 min but it's burning the oil a lot better in the chamber now.

i am getting a lot of whining noise from the gears. i've done a bit of reading up on it and have inserted some cardboard on the inside of the cover. seems to have helped a bit but it's still there. i've also managed to strip the engine, carby and gears in the 3 days i've owned this thing. i can't seem to leave things alone... lot's of fun tinkering with it.

other than the bike i'm into karting and drag racing. i've been burning my cash on fuel for over a decade now and it only seems to be getting more expensive. all good fun though.

and how good are these smilies!
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