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Default ong time tinkerer 1st time bike/motor converter

Hello everyone,Kip here.I've just joined this forum as I've found a new hobby.I've been a tinkerer all my life.I've built custom harleys and many tadpole motorcycles.Resently I got the itch to build a tadpole bicycle so I cobbled some parts from 3 different bike together and have had so much fun riding it around my wife asked me if I would build her a bicycle with a motor on it,as she has a bad knee she worried that if she went to far she would'nt be able to make it back and the motor would get her home.So I ordered a motor kit and bought a bike.1 week later recieved the motor kit the next day I could'nt believe the thrill I got the first time I peddled that bike and popt that clutch and that little pea shooter came to life!
I look forward to contributing to this forum and enjoying the projects that others have built.
I just turned double knickles but feel like 15 cents.Lata.Kip
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