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Default Re: Working on Frames Question

Originally Posted by BrettMavriK View Post

It's all really a matter of choice on these light load applications for the method used.
My ultimate choice would be TIG welding for thin metal, but I don't have a TIG right now
(someday soon, hopefully). Personally, I like fusing metals of like kind together to become one,
but again that's just me. I think of brazing and I think of plumbing....that's how I'm wired.
In my mind it's good for sealing a leak, but it doesn't register as a structural application to me because of my bridge building background. I would never dream of brazing anything on a car or truck suspension, but like I said, bicycles are a relatively light application and are built professionally this way.

I bet you I can break a brazed joint on a bicycle frame before the tubing bends however; I've done it.

Brett you right right about the heat but like jim said if you don"t have experience the tig is most likely the cheapest and most common way for someone to learn! how very good ideals!
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