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Default Re: Dax engine replaced

Originally Posted by reg454 View Post
I just bought a replacement cdi from thatsdax, but have to wait for it to ship. I have bought a few things from their before and I will keep going back. I just hope I do not blow the cdi because of my magneto that I rewound (but I will test the current coming from it when I get the cdi in.)

I don't think you'll mess-up the CDI. The CDI is matched to the coil. From what I remember seeing on your re-wind post, the voltage is going to be considerably lower than original. The worst that is going to happen is that the spark will be weak, or non-existent.

The primary coil, (Blue wire), is 3,600 turns of 35GA. wire. The secondary coil, (White wire), is 300 turns of 26GA. wire.

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