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Default Re: Dax engine replaced

Originally Posted by floridaboy View Post
I bought a Dax F80 engine for my second build a Electra Coaster bike. After starting to break in the engine it was noted that it had a bad vibration in it no matter what speed it was running. I took the bike down to Jim at Creative Engineering to see what he thought after rideing it. We tryed every thing that might cause the vibration but no luck. It was decided that the engine was put togeather with a bent crankshaft. I called Dax and told him what we had tryed and thought that the crankshaft was bent. Duane said to box it up and send it back for a replacement. It took a little while but the new engine has arrived and is now going through a easy break end. Sofar it has more power and only a small amount of vibration. Duane did what he says he will do and delivered. Here is some pictures of the bike now.
Glad everything worked out. Duane is one of the few kit sellers who will stand behind his product when there is a genuine problem.


I have made about 20 of these mounts for a variety of frames. They are in the testing phase. I've had one, (rigid mount), to fracture thus far. The material I use for protoypes varies as I buy it from an Alro metals drop center. The Aluminum used in the mount that fractured was imported from Brazil.

The plan is to have neoprene isolators between the engine and the mount as is shown on my website. 3 have been put together with isolators, and it works great!

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