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Default Re: Working on Frames Question


It's all really a matter of choice on these light load applications for the method used.
My ultimate choice would be TIG welding for thin metal, but I don't have a TIG right now
(someday soon, hopefully). Personally, I like fusing metals of like kind together to become one,
but again that's just me. I think of brazing and I think of plumbing....that's how I'm wired.
In my mind it's good for sealing a leak, but it doesn't register as a structural application to me because of my bridge building background. I would never dream of brazing anything on a car or truck suspension, but like I said, bicycles are a relatively light application and are built professionally this way.

I bet you I can break a brazed joint on a bicycle frame before the tubing bends however; I've done it.

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