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Default Re: Help finding a nice commuter setup, please!

Awesome. Thanks. Just when I had decided on the 2-stroke from *sigh*(sarcasm) But that is very helpful, and I think tips the scale toward the 4-stroke, from
I can tinker with the best of them, but I have almost no experience with gasoline engines and need to get to work on time and that can't depend on whether something comes loose.
About the 45 MPH, I just meant I wanted to go faster.... 45 MPH could get dangerous on a bicycle. I have some hills that might get me up to that speed... but it isn't my goal.
And I don't want to mix fuel much anyway....
Question: How does the speed control work? And clutch? And to start it? I think they're pull-Starts and after a high enough idle the clutch will engage?
And how does the throttle install? Do the grips on the handlebars have to come off except the gearshift? On one hand?
Sorry about all the questions... but I'll post pics when I'm all done (as done as something like this can get-I tend to add features)... so far I have a speedometer, lock, water holder, coffee holder, back rack, and bike speakers (I took apart an easy button).
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