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Default Re: Working on Frames Question

Excellent choice Tabogon!

I'm glad you looked into it more. An oxygen acetalyene rig is really the best, most versatile, set-up.

I am completely familiar with TIG, MIG, and Arc welding. I don't weld for a living: but I have done enough of it to be able to make nice welds using any method when I need to.

With this said; I still prefer brazing for thin materials.

As you discovered; brazed joints are very strong.

The problem I have with recommending MIG to someone who is inexperienced, (Brett I think you'll agree), is that it is very difficult to ensure that the weld has penetrated properly. A cold surface bead may appear as a nice weld, when in fact the two pieces aren't bonded at all.

With MIG everything happens "must" have prior experience in order to "know" that the joint is truly welded.

I would not be the least bit leary about riding a bike that had been built by creating fish mouth cuts at the joints, and then brazed.

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