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Default Re: Working on Frames Question

I think I finally decided! I was originally worried about certain components (mostly things like seat post) breaking under stess or weight (I am sitting at 225lbs) and I was worried that brazing would not hold up under situations like that.

However, I recently found this little blurbed from website that stated: "According to the American Welding Society (AWS), the strength of a brazed joint can meet or exceed that of the metals being joined."

Another site I was looking into for MIG welding tips had an article about brazing. The guy was totally amazed at the strength of the braze, and he stress tested the joint and found after a few dozen back and forth bends that it finally broke, but it was the steel that broke, not the brazed area.

I also recently saw a video (will post it if I can find it again) that had a guy explaining his process of brazing a lugged BMX frame, showing the finished frame, and then showing his finished bike being thrashed and abused at a freestyle street course by an X-games rider. He eventually broke a wheel and bend that seat stays, but no joint seperations.

I really like the way lugged frames look and the way they can be personalized by the style of lugs you use. So, with that info in my arsenal, I have come to the conclusion that brazing will be perfectly adequite for any frame I build or modify, and that anything that needs a little added strength (i.e. seat post) I will get a local shop to tig weld for me.
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