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Default Re: motorized bike - security methods

Supermarkets usually have a camera by the bike racks. The local Wal Marts by me does not have a bike rack but it does have quite a few metal light poles. I find one that's right by a camera then I lock it with a long cable lock and another lock for the wheels.
I even checked with Wal Mart security and in that particular location the camera looks right at my bike.
There's also safety in high traffic areas. #$%$#@ are less likely to sabotage when you have people coming and going so I park as close to high pedestrian traffic as possible.
Some will stop but just to say "that's the coolest thing I've seen today" and that's about all.
Then you could also carry a small tarp in your tool pouch big enough to cover your bike and lock it up at least that may keep most away not seeing the engine.... or not. That may actually attract people wondering what's so special about a bike that needs to be covered so never mind.
The biggest pains I've witnesses out there are the Mom's not paying attention to their children I had a kid actually knock my bike over the other day trying to touch it pushed it too hard I yelled at mom she played like nothing happened and I wasn't yelling at her she took off with her kids like stink.
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.

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