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Default Re: Have I blown up my motor?

Thanks, I took the motor back and he said he has seen this type of failure before, he said it was poor chrome plating on the barrell. He sent the photos to China and depending on what they say he will either give me a new motor or replace the head, cyclinder and piston. I hope I just get a new motor as all that metal crap was all through the bottom end.
He also thinks the 50cc motor is a better motor. A lot smoother and runs a lot better. A bit down on power but still tops out about the same as the 66cc. I will see how this goes but. I dont hold out much hope if he is just going to replace the parts. He said if he has to replace the parts he will have to flush out the bottom end with kero. I just hope he puts new rings on the new piston if it goes that way. But I am sure he wont be bothered with all that and I think he will just give me a new motor. And next time I wont flog it like a raped ape


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