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Default Re: New user, new project.

Welcome to the forum.
I'll try to help and others will jump in too.

Originally Posted by cdfeto View Post

What would you recommend, a MTB or road frame?

Size that fits me as a push bike, or smaller? You may still want/need to pedal, so it's best to ride what is most comfortable as a "regular bicycle".

What size wheels? I am going to need more accelertion, smaller wheels, or speed, bigger wheels? Usually, 26" wheels are fine. You can change the gearing a number of ways.

What size engine would be good (im 75kg), 30cc, 50cc, bigger? Stay under 50cc to be legal in many states.

Anything else that you think might be helpful would be great, thanks in advance. Look in the DIY forum for the most help and ideas for the type of bike you are interested in.

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