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Default Re: Help finding a nice commuter setup, please!

Welcome to the forum. FinFan speaks true. The 2 stroke motors are fun novelty items geared toward the tinkerer. They are not really considered reliable daily transportation. Nevertheless there are folks here that use them that way and seem quite pleased with the results. The four stroke motors are quieter, use gasoline and not a gas/oil mix and are more reliable. A 17 mile commute would not be unreasonable for a motorbike except in winter. As for speed; some of the speeds claimed by some people are a bit over rated. A stock, (unmodified)2 stroke with a small, 36 tooth sprocket will probably give you speeds in the mid, maybe high 30s but in reality 45 is a bit high, even for a good running 4 stroke setup with a shift kit. There are high performance options that can be added but even then you should prepare yourself for a slower commute than the traffic passing you. One of the most important things I always suggest is to look for a good reliable seller when making your purchase of a motor kit. The majority of the engines and kits are good but there is the occasional lemon and that's when a reputable seller will be there to take care of you after the sale. Hope this helps you to make a decision. Have fun and keep us posted on your build.
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