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Default Re: Oregon destroys my faith.

I hate how everyone is so concerned with speaking negatively of the Law. I thought this is America, a land for the free whom are not supposed to fear the Law. The Law is as corruptable as anything else if not more so. People need to remember this is our country and if a child molester can become a child welfare worker then there is a problem that needs to be addressed. If this issue can not be properly addressed, then the "Law" has failed. More so they should take responsibility for the mistake and do something about it rather than pretend it didn't happen. That is a corrupt and broken system, and we are supposed to stand and fight against a corrupted system. It is not our right but our duty as Americans to stand up in these cases. Does anyone?? No, a bunch of Cowards we have turned in to. Realize that our government is no longer an omnipresent and impartial Judge, but a broken system of Laws, and Rights now designed to only benefit the rich and ultra rich. I will not dilute myself into believing anything else. I have dealt with the Law a lot, and they are broken, they are corrupt, and eventually either they will pay or we will. The longer the cowardice takes place the more likely it will only be us that suffer!