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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by gberry50 View Post
To brucemg 51 I watched the mythbusters polish turds to a high shine.
there was a definite technic and it took lots of time with crap on there hands
but the end proudct was quite bueatiful. Try try again
to everyone else have a great time polishing
LOL! I saw that episode. It was a classic. And very good description of what's going on with some of these engines.

I had a few bolts shear in my time, both while tightening and later on the road. Once I realised it was me with my 12" ratchet handle it stopped happening. And like Camlifter says, try drilling out a grade 8.8 bolt!

Nothing wrong with chinese hardware. A stubby ratchet handle and a little threadlocker go a long way to solving most of these issues.
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