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the bike has double track rims, not sure if your familliar with them but they are made for DownHill mountain biking and I have zero doubts on their strength. As for the bike, its all xtr components, and a manitou sherman front fork, its a very sturdy bike that can handle downhill riding, so all its gonna be doing is carrying an extra 40 pounds and going at the speeds it was ment to do so, just I wont be beating the piss out of her. I have another mt bike so im starting to think that im gonna keep this bike with some wide 2.5" street tires (maxxis hookworms) which should handle those speeds no problem. on the staight aways, i would like the bike to beable to go 40mph, I mean its an 80cc engine, i dont think thats to much to ask? but if i did gear it to go 40-45 mph, would i beable to still have decent start up, i mean, when im going up a slite hill will i need to pedal to help her get up it? i really don't know how much power this engine has.
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