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I found the Ex pipe had a large bur inside. Grind it smooth. I replaced all the Screws with Allen head screws, also lube all threads on new bolts and screws. A bolt with lubed threads will stay tight longer then a dry threaded bolt. Loctite the ones your not removing very often. Note: 6-1 compression is really low. The head with center mount spark plug is easer to set up in a lathe when raising the compression. Dont run the synthic oils to rich. Use the oil manufacturs sugested raito. Reg Oil burns up. Synthetic oil does not. Your motor will build up more heat when ideling then at 1/2 throttle. Avoid wide open unless you have taken spark plug readings and know the mixture is corect or better yet run it just a little rich on top end. Lean runs hot and can size the piston, rich runs pourly and foules plugs. I would reather foul a spark plug the replace a piston and cylinder any day.
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