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Default Re: Anybody in Tallahassee, Florida?

Is so true, the body language and facial expression thing. I hope I did not come across as unkind or dismissive. Really is a challenge in text alone. For your goals, the Honda is an excellent choice IMHO. I have had many 2 stroke kits that all have served well and only had to peddle home a few times. (most often for having run out of gas. I R a bit slow in de head) I have never owned the HS/Honda clone but rode a few and they seem great. The gear box on the 4 smokes seems to be the only bummer part but some exciting new ones coming out. Bar that (the GB) The 4 stroke is an awesome choice. Not to take away from the chinagirl's virtues. They are thin, lite, cheap and are just plane good looking.
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